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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  July 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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m points of access. [ coughs ] [ cellphone ringing ] open tib-fib fracture. scott: yeah, i agree. uh, possibly grade 3, lots of contamination. let's get her up to the o.r. let's go. hold on, hold on, hold on! swat is sealing off everything. we can't go up to the o.r. you've gotta be kidding me, man! i think i know who did this, okay? she was my patient. she had a red backpack. it was large enough to have a pipe bomb. that's what i'm saying. okay, that's what terrorists do. they wait for first responders to arrive, they detonate a second device. yeah, i saw that in "the hurt locker." yeah, and i-i lived it. they could also be waiting for us to load our patients into ambulances and pick us off outside. well, you gotta make a call. topher, we gotta do surgery right now. come on, come on, topher. what are we gonna do? come on, toph. we're staying here. no! you're wrong, okay? we gotta go back -- we could lose people in the transfer! i'm your commanding officer here. until swat secures the perimeter, we keep everybody safe. we need to know what's going on. all right, kenny, trauma 2, that's our new o.r. tee, go give swat a description. everybody else, continue triaging. man: we gotta go to trauma! [ groaning ] multiple lacerations with deep glass under the skin.
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we need to get this cleaned out. [ groans ] hey. are you okay? no. no, i'm not okay. i'm scared to death. shannon, you can be scared, but you need to focus. aren't you freaked out? [ exhales shakily ] yes, but we have a job to do. okay, i need you to go and get suture kits, kerlix rolls, and all the o-neg you can find. yeah. yeah, okay. you good? uh-huh. okay, go, quickly. [ groans ] [ monitor beeping steadily ] [ man shouts indistinctly ] i can't get to you now, bri. it's all closed off. i'm scared. there's no nurses and no doctors. no you. i know. i know. but i called up some of the orderlies who work up there. they're gonna come hang out. i gotta work now, okay? okay. i'll tell you what. you can have some of that turkish delight now. how does that sound? great. [ siren wailing ] except i left it down there. i'll get some up to you as soon as i can. i promise.
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okay. ♪ achilles tendon rupture and she's got a tear to her popliteal artery. got sterile gowns, sterile drapes, a ventilator. i saw an orthopedics kit outside. kenny, you need to go rest that shoulder. yeah, you landed pretty hard. look, look, look, i'm the only nurse you guys got. so let's just focus on lauren. okay, i'm gonna place an ex-fix, hopefully stabilize this leg enough to avoid any more vascular injury. go grab that kit. all right. we need some extra hands. and shannon could use help pulling glass out of mr. neville. the e.r.'s sealed off, so it's just us. paul, i got this. go help. okay, okay. of course. [ siren wailing ] [ radio chatter ] just got word from the parking lot. we found a woman fitting your description sitting in a truck. what can i do? there may be more casualties out there. when they're ready out there, you should go. we got this. okay. [ radio chatter ]
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driver, step out of the vehicle! [ pounds dashboard ] [ radio chatter ] ♪ step out of the vehicle! show me your hands! [ radio chatter ] walk toward my voice. slowly. i said slowly! stop! get on your knees! stop! i said stop! do it! keep your hands where i can see 'em! [ gunshots ] [ screams, groans ]
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stop! what the hell are you doing?! i don't get to her, she's gonna bleed out. and you care?! no, i only care if there's another bomb. she's the only one who can tell us. ♪ [ grunting ] aah! that hurts! it hurts! yeah? it's gonna hurt a whole lot more if you don't tell me if there's another bomb. you can't do that. you're a doctor. no, no, it's just you and me here. i can do what i want. ow! i can pull this out the hard way. [ screams ] there's no more bomb. there's no other bomb. i swear. please stop! now why did you do this? [ groans ] because you deserved it! ♪ beth is a total boss. ♪ because she switched to the best deal in america. total wireless. she gets the largest, most dependable 4g lte network... and five gigs of high speed data for thirty-five dollars a month. mommy didn't sign no contract. make it rain, beth. make it rain. thirty-five dollars. five gigs of 4g lte data.
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♪ white count's over 20,000. it could be a reaction to the trauma... [ screw clicking ] ...possibly from the pneumonia. okay, we're all set here. let's check her pulse. [ sighs ] nothing, just enlarged lymph nodes. [ beep ] [ ultrasound whooshing ] [ beep ] nothing. we need to do a fem-pop bypass so she doesn't lose this leg. get me an 11 blade and 7-0 prolene.
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[ drawer closes ] ♪ [ coughs ] this her? yeah. shot twice, hollow point bullets. i need a chest tube, an intubation tray, and four units of prbcs. of all the days for the nurses to not be here. yep. one bullet left axillae. one right thigh. [ wheezes ] no breath sounds on the left. damn it. you know, this is all my fault. the collapsed lung? no. let's place a chest tube. i saw her. what? she was my patient. she wanted her backpack. i didn't put it together. well, why would you? oh, you know, she was sweating, acting strange. tee, that describes 90% of the people who come in here. yeah, i just -- i just didn't think, you know? didn't... didn't think i'd be in danger in my own hospital. it's not a war zone. you take on a lot. do not take on this.
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[ oxygen hisses ] [ muffled groan ] you know, i spoke to her outside. she said we got what we deserved. she said a hospital deserved this? that's what she said. who knows, right? i mean, these days, anybody can do it. there's bomb recipes on a thousand different web sites. such a sad face. yeah. a lot of sad faces around here tonight. let's keep her alive. i want to hear what we did to deserve this. [ instrument clatters ] [ monitor beeping steadily ] this one's gonna need some deep sutures. yeah. hey. you're doing great. [ exhales deeply ] you know, just take it slow. how are you not freaked out? who says i'm not? you know, i remember the first time i was bombed. it was in the sugar mill just west of saigon.
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and i actually pissed myself. of course, i told the other soldiers that it was just sweat. you don't smell as if you've pissed yourself. i didn't. mr. neville, um, how about you just, uh, try and get some rest, all right? save your energy. one moment. [ instrument clatters ] yeah. he's really out of it. early alzheimer's, maybe dementia? hey, how long have you two been married? uh, we're -- we're not married. oh. racial issues? nope. i remember when i was in college, i liked a beautiful negro girl. she was as dark as ebony. and the sexual acrobatics -- that's not it, mr. neville. we just work together. exactly. and that's all. that's it. that's, uh, that's all. oh. uh-huh. hmm. okay, let's -- let's get this glass out of your ass, mr. neville. yeah. angela wei? [ indistinct conversations ]
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angela wei? uh, i think she was in my room, right? she was really sick. uh, there was so much smoke, we had to move a bunch of gurneys into the break room. this is taking forever. my grandpa is missing. look, everybody, the swat team has let in some first responders, but they're still sweeping the building. so once we get a final count, we can start evacuating those with i.d.s. all for your own safety. you just have to be patient. no. i want to know now. we've been scared, waiting, and now you're taking roll like we're a bunch of kindergartners. yeah. hey, hey, ma'am, listen. he's just trying to help. you guys need to take a breath. you don't give a crap about our families. he does. your grandfather, daniel rodriguez? he snuck out to have a smoke early this morning, okay? i saw him myself. everyone outside was evacuated to a gym at the community center. i'll call over there, okay? thank god. we've been trying to get back in since the explosion. the strike can shove it on a day like this. hey, is, uh, kenny doing okay? uh, trauma 2 with scott. yeah, he's okay. [ whispers ] okay.
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his friend lauren? not so much. thanks. okay, well, we got it from here. you get back to the patients. everybody else, listen up. we're gonna tell you what's happening. okay, what can i do for you guys? oh, you're a sight for sore eyes. uh, can we get a tetanus shot for mr. neville before we discharge him? yes. thank you. [ groans ] are you okay, mr. neville? i don't feel so good. it's -- it's itching. it's awful! get it off of me! whoa, whoa, let's not do this. blistering on the stitches, oozing. could be allergic to the stitches or maybe the shrapnel? it's all right. whoa. uh, okay. um... mr. neville, we will be right back. what? where are you going? [ wastebin lid opens ] [ tone sounds ] oman over p.a.: all non-injured may evacuate the hospital at this time. hey, stop, stop! topher! hey. what? what? what is it? anthrax. what? our patient, mr. neville,
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he has cutaneous anthrax all over his body. are you -- you sure? textbook. painless but itchy black ulcers, blisters. mr. neville had cuts all over his body. that -- that's how the anthrax spores got in. oh, my god. so, the bomb wasn't -- wasn't just meant to maim. it was a dispersal method for anthrax? anybody who came in contact could be sick. if it -- if it aerosolized, that could mean the whole e.r. we need to shut -- sir! shut down the e.r. nobody comes in or out. [ indistinct conversations ] woman: everyone, we need you to calm down, all right? everybody, just please -- please calm down. i want my blood sugar i to stay in so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers.
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♪ [ monitor beeping steadily ] her blood pressure and oxygen levels are back up. all right. let's update swat. i'm sure they've cleared the hospital by now. yeah. ♪ [ radio chatter ] hey. what's going on? we had to shut down the hospital. anthrax. it was in the bomb. probably, and since you two just worked on the bomber... we could've breathed in spores or gotten it from her blood. okay, we need to decontaminate. right. anyone symptomatic? your old man. multiple anthrax lesions. limited to his skin, but we're beginning treatment for everyone, so you two need to go right now. everyone's under medical observation till the morning. anthrax could be everywhere. anthrax? that's right. we think it was in the bomb. [ radio chatter ] how's, uh -- how's lauren? we were able to restore blood flow to the lower leg. she's lucky we could save it in time. yeah, lucky.
10:19 pm
she didn't want to come in today, but i made her. kenny, you had no way of knowing that. come on. you need your antibiotics. lauren's already on cipro from the operation. so... well, now it's time for you. on my way. okay, good. it's all gonna be okay. don't worry. o-okay, worry, but it's gonna be okay. no, don't wake up my mother. love you, too. [ cellphone beeps ] oh. [ sighs heavily ] [ beep ] ♪ [ exhales deeply ] just taking a breath. [ chuckles ] you deserve it. [ sighs ] about earlier...
10:20 pm
sorry. i was wrong. you were right. okay, i don't even know what you're talking about anymore, but, uh, i'm pretty sure it doesn't matter. [ sighs ] if you would've listened to me and sent those patients to all those different hospitals, we would've spread anthrax everywhere. fractures: ♪ it's alright, it's alright ♪ that was probably the plan in the first place, wasn't it? the plan was fear. and believe me, i fell for it. i was scared. you were? i was...i was petrified. ♪ it's alright and it -- it comes with having kids. you -- you realize you have something more important to live for. ♪ it's alright you know, everyone thinks having a family is only exhaustion and the end of fun. but once you have kids, you realize that...
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watching their soccer game, getting a-a piece of art, or just even... having a conversation with them, it's -- it's exciting. it's as exciting as a blockbuster movie and four-star meal rolled into one. all you want to do is be around them. sorry, i'm -- i'm just -- i'm just rambling. no, you're not rambling. brianna. uh... i don't know. i just -- i ♪ don't get consumed i can't describe how i feel. i can. you're a good dude. you see this kid who basically has nobody else in the world and you step right in. she's just so cool. [ both chuckle ] and brave, and yet i-i know
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she's had nothing but disappointment her whole life. i just feel like i need to be there for her. ♪ lost count of the dice rolls i want to be there for her. right. but i just feel like i can't leave her side until she gets that lung transplant. any update on that? it's not good. her lungs are shutting down. carbon dioxide is climbing fast. they wanna put her on bipap. she is gonna need that lung sooner rather than later. does -- does she know? ♪ get dragged through nope. i was supposed to tell her tonight, so... ♪ don't be consumed [ sighs heavily ] ♪ it's alright, it's alright
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line is in. start the phenylephrine at 10 mics per minute. temp's still climbing up to 105. she's septic. the gram stain came back. she has anthrax in her blood. septicemic anthrax? but she's on the same big-gun antibiotics that we are. she's a healthy young woman. could she be immunocompromised? that would explain the pneumonia and why she's been sick the past few weeks. [ beep ] i don't think that's pneumonia. see these well-defined edges here? that's a mass. ♪ if my clothes i would imagine that i wouldwas a dinosaur spy... flying... i wanna show you my fierce moves now. ♪ uh, robot space look... cool. they have hearts on the knees! i love being me, and everyone should love being theirselves.
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in third grade, i learned... we all make mistakes. but... it's all about how you fix 'em. mistakes, they're not so scary.
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it looks like the antibiotics it'are doing their work, and you're gonna be okay. great. how did that happen? you don't remember the bomb blast and the aftermath? and, "aah, it's anthrax!" i'll be honest with you. uh, i'm a bit addled sometimes. we all are, mr. neville. we all are. where's your husband?
10:28 pm
he's not my husband. he's... paul's just a really good guy that -- got in with the wrong girl. is that you? yeah. i think it is. look, you are so young and so unformed. how could you possibly know that you're the wrong girl for him? if you care about him at all, let him make that decision. we're smarter than we look, you know. but my balls still really hurt. excuse me? my balls, they hurt like hell. that's why i'm here. okay. well, let's take a look. okay, so -- whoa. whoa. hang on, mr. neville. looks like most of his intestines have slipped into his scrotum.
10:29 pm
an inguinal hernia, yeah. it hurts like hell. can you fix it? toph, hey. i just checked on the bomber. vitals are fine. cops are guarding her. okay, i just talked to swat. they're gonna take her to the jail ward with full guard. did they get a name? katharine santiago. pharmacist. uh, lived alone. still no motive. wait. topher, did you just say katharine santiago? yeah. [ sighs ] i knew i recognized that face. she came in here about six months ago. she was my case. jordan, you've seen hundreds of patients since then. yeah, but i remember this one. excuse me. ♪ evening, dr. alexander. [ sighs ]
10:30 pm
i thought we gave you enough benzos to help you rest comfortably. i use it to sleep, every night at home since... [ clears throat ] ...since it happened. would you like some more? no. i'd need more than you could give me to be comfortable. [ monitor beeping steadily ] i remember you. from that night. [ voice breaks ] you remember everything? [ whispers ] yeah. it was my last shift before i went off to work on the reservation. and, uh... i had just been through something...hard. and it was all i could think about. but i remember you coming in.
10:31 pm
it was a hit-and-run. you came in with both your husband and your son. both d.o.a. ♪ [ inhales deeply ] you suffered significant trauma to your chest and your spine. i got your heart going again, and i sent you to surgery. we saved you. yes, you did. so what i don't understand is... why did you do this to us? when i woke up, john and corey were gone. and all i could think about was making the people who ruined my life suffer. you mean the hit-and-run driver.
10:32 pm
he's not the one who saved me. you. you were the one. you should've just let me die. i can only imagine what you felt. you can never imagine! losing a child? a husband? [ crying ] he was my best friend. i didn't want to live then and i don't want to live now. [ grunts, groans ] [ monitor flatlining ] no! no, stop! stop! stop! stop! [ grunts ] stop! aah! [ monitor beeping rapidly ] [ screaming ] what the hell happened? she pulled out her chest tube. [ monitor continues beeping rapidly ] get the crash cart. ♪ befi was active.gia,
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[ monitor continues [ monitor flatlining ] scott: calling time of death -- 5:48 a.m. [ the wildes' "bare" playing ] ♪ throw me down ♪ i'll steal the moon look at me. ♪ i'll tear the night it's not your fault. ♪ keep it from you [ crying ] ♪ ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh ♪ oh... dr. scott looked at the x-ray, and, uh, he thinks he'll be able to get rid of all of it. so with that and chemo, you're gonna be okay. ♪
10:37 pm
[ voice breaks ] except for the messed up leg part, right? [ chuckles ] [ sighs heavily ] look, lauren... [ whispers ] i'm...i'm... i'm sorry. uh... i shouldn't have brought you here. you know, if i didn't, this wouldn't have -- if you didn't... i'd have a tumor in my lung and i wouldn't know it. [ exhales sharply ] guess i never thought about it like that. that's 'cause you've been amazing. pushing me as hard as you can so i can get the scholarship, and...making me the best soccer player i could be. i-i just know how much you want it, you know? do you? i do, i do. you know, when i was your age, i wanted more than anything to be in the nfl. it was my dream more than anything. [ chuckles ] hey, what? nothing. just... [ inhales deeply ]
10:38 pm
you're just like my dad. your dad? yes. [ laughs ] he tells the same stories over and over again. like, i've heard that one at least a hundred times. [ chuckles ] but...that's just not me. what's not you? [ sighs ] there are a lot of things i'm gonna miss because of my leg, but soccer isn't one of them. i hate soccer. no. are you serious? [ laughs ] despise it. i've been playing 350 days out of the year since i was 6. no weekends, no fun. just... [ sighs ] train, train, train so i can get that scholarship and get into college. but... i don't know. i guess that's all over now. [ sighs ] no, it's not.
10:39 pm
look, lauren... [ sniffles ] okay. hey... you are the most positive, hard-working person i've ever met. you're telling me that -- that if you turn that -- that focus, that -- that energy to your -- to your college applications, you don't think -- you don't think you'll get a scholarship? hmm? i got a recommendation letter in me you wouldn't believe. and sadly, you... you got your college essay right here. [ laughs ] yeah. mm. like, how could they turn down a dual threat... bomb and... [ laughs ] cancer survivor? we take what god gives us. ♪ bare [ whispers ] amen. but me and you... [ sniffles ] we're gonna do this together. okay? ♪ what you're thinking of [ chuckles ]
10:40 pm
okay. yeah? ♪ what you're thinking of [ sighs ] okay. don't be sad, drew. it's okay. i know there's a plan for me. yes, there is. and i'm all over it. you're on every donor list in the country. i check 'em every day. no. what i mean is... i've always heard that when you die, you go to a better place. gotta say, i've been in and out of a dozen foster homes, had cystic fibrosis and, uh, now i need a lung transplant. so if i go... it's gotta be to a better place than this, right? i'm not gonna let that happen. i've read enough about lung transplants, drew. they just don't happen.
10:41 pm
could you read to me? [ sniffles ] [ sniffles ] i'm feeling a little tired. okay, yeah. no, get some... all right, good to go. [ monitor beeping steadily ] hey, hey. uh, mr. neville did great in surgery. uh, he's gonna be out in a couple days. good. yeah. all right. so i-i know we haven't exactly had time to talk about the elephant in the room. um... oh, let's not talk about mr. neville's scrotum. [ laughs ] uh, yeah, there's that, too. uh... look, paul. um...i like you. i-i think you're a good guy. you might even be good for me. but i know where this is going, and it would -- it would ruin our friendship,
10:42 pm
maybe even our working together. so... yeah, yeah. i was actually, uh, gonna say the same thing, you know? it's, uh, it's the right call. i mean, uh, kenny, krista, jordan, t.c. jordan and scott. yeah. i mean, uh... yeah, it's for the best, right? so, uh, you know, i'll see you around. yeah. i'll see you around. ♪ "the queen let another drop fall from her bottle onto the snow, "and instantly there appeared a round box "tied with green silk ribbon which, when opened, "turned out to contain several pounds "of the best turkish delight. "each piece was sweet and light to the very center, and edmund had never tasted anything more delicious." [ turns page ]
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[ selves' "i'll carry you" playing ] ♪ when you get lost in you ♪ when you get lost in you [ wrappers crinkling ] ♪ when you feel all the weight in your complications ♪ ♪ when you get lost in you ♪ i will wait till dawn [ radio chatter ] ♪ just tell me that you'll be here in my arms ♪ ♪ [ radio chatter ] ♪ i'll carry you hey, scott, paul, can i have a second, everybody?
10:44 pm
♪ i'll carry you uh, i just... i-i just -- i just want to say that i have never been so proud. we are on the front lines. this is our job, but sometimes we put ourselves in harm's way to help others. we make a difference. so it's not about getting knocked down. it's about getting back up, but we will get back up because of you. ♪ when you get lost in you [ cellphone vibrates, beeps ] dr. zia. ♪ when you forget the truth ♪ when all the colors run... hey. hey. you okay? yeah. you know, bomb, anthrax, former patient trying to kill us. why wouldn't i be? yeah. if you need anything, i'll be here.
10:45 pm
thank you. yeah. [ cellphone vibrates, beeps ] hey, jess. um... everything's clear. wait, you -- you're kidding me. thanks -- thanks for letting me know. [ cellphone beeps ] hey, guys. it was the union. we got our raise. the strike's over. oh. yes! [ jocelyn laughs ] it's about time we got some good news, right? that's debatable. what are you talking about? that was just the -- the head of day shift. the reason that the nurses' negotiations took so long with management? the hospital is -- is being sold to an insurance company. [ scoffs ] what? and -- and the company wants to sell off the e.r.
10:46 pm
♪ >> reporter: while the prosecutor thought about whether to charge her again, julie went on with life back at the house on badger lane. >> and then she just comes back in the neighborhood.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: down the street, right? >> like before. we're like, "is this ever gonna end?" >> reporter: well. they couldn't know, of course. there was another secret julie was keeping from everyone. coming up -- >> really? that devious? >> she's really that devious. >> reporter: another bombshell and another trial. >> i didn't want my family to know. i didn't want my neighbors to know. >> what would the verdict be this time?
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>> reporter: julie harper was walking on air. acquitted of first-degree murder. a jury deadlocked on second degree. it tasted like sweet victory. keith watanabe bit down on frustration. >> the images of her walking out of that courtroom as a free woman were tough for me to swallow. >> reporter: still, what he could do was try again. of course first-degree murder was off the table now. he could go for a lesser charge of second-degree murder, which he did. a new trial date was set for six months later, april, 2015. and then, one month before that trial was to begin --
10:52 pm
surprise! julie had some astonishing news for the judge. >> the retrial for a carlsbad woman accused of killing her husband, her attorney says she is pregnant. >> reporter: seven months pregnant, caught everybody by surprise, that did. >> she intentionally got pregnant in order to interfere with our retrial. >> really, that devious, in your mind? >> she's really that devious and well-planned and manipulative. >> reporter: what's more, julie's pregnancy was highly intentional, in vitro fertilization. the judge, no choice, really, delayed julie's trial for five months. and josephine faith cihak was born on april 29, 2015. no father listed on her birth certificate. the neighbors on badger lane watched and wondered. >> she decided she was gonna walk the baby in the stroller through the neighborhood. and, you know -- >> it was like nothing ever happened. >> that was very uncomfortable. >> it was like nothing had happened, in her mind. >> yeah. >> and everything was fine. >> everything's fine.
10:53 pm
>> and she's you know, my life 2.0. >> reporter: well, not quite, of course. in september, 2015, julie, the judge, the attorneys all assembled before a brand new jury, 12 new strangers to win over. except this time, prosecutor watanabe knew what was coming from julie. and so he canvassed the witnesses. did they ever see signs of abuse? this is jason's mother, lina. >> did julie appear in any way to be fearful to you? >> no. >> did you see any bruises or marks on her? >> no. >> reporter: julie and jason's eldest son jake, by this time, 11, on the state of the marriage. >> tell me about how their arguing became worse. >> it just escalated. >> even though the arguing became worse, did you ever see your dad hit your mom then? >> no. >> reporter: neighbor michele cullen saw jason and julie together five days before jason's death. >> did you see ever see anything that led you to believe that she
10:54 pm
was being physically abused? >> no, never. >> reporter: but julie's sister amy said julie did confide in her that jason was physically abusing her. >> jason had become very, very angry, was constantly yelling at her, would grab her by her wrists and twist them. >> reporter: nothing about rape though. so, why would the jury believe julie's claim that jason did rape her violently, and repeatedly? when julie testified, she asked the jury to look at entries in her private journals and day planner. whenever they saw the word, "sex," said julie, that was code for rape. >> were you making notations of days you had coerced sex? >> yes. >> reporter: prosecutor watanabe, of course, didn't believe that. but, when he challenged her, was this real emotion? >> now, have you ever called the
10:55 pm
police on jason for any of these incidents? >> no. i was very embarrassed. i was very embarrassed that he was doing it. i didn't want -- i didn't want my family to know. i didn't want my neighbors to know. i didn't want my friends to know. >> reporter: manipulation? or the awful truth? once again, a jury was asked to pass judgment on julie harper. >> in the superior court of the state of california. >> reporter: everybody waited, baited breath. >> we, the jury, in the above entitled action, find the defendant julie harper guilty of the crime of murder, and fix the degree thereof as murders in the second degree. >> reporter: guilty of second-degree murder. on went the handcuffs, just like that. jury number two was not at all like jury number one. >> no doubt at all? >> no, no, no, no. not at all. no. >> reporter: but what about the
10:56 pm
secret recordings, jason yelling at julie? >> i don't want to enable your horrible money waste! >> he did lose his temper at times. but the tapes were so conveniently done, it seemed to come on just at the time when he was at his worst. that's pretty good evidence, but i -- i just had the feeling that they were staged. >> reporter: and how about that diary, in which the word sex was supposed to mean rape? >> so it would say, "sex. then we went to the west, a fine dinner house, had filet mignon." >> say -- saying, "cuddling." [ laughter ] >> cuddling, and then we talked and cuddled more," and et cetera. >> but that meant rape. >> but -- but she would say that meant rape. and that made no sense to us. >> no disrespect to the first set of jurors from the initial trial, i just don't understand how they could not have found her guilty. >> reporter: and so we made an appointment to talk to julie, by then behind glass in a san diego county jail. >> i don't think you expected this result at all.
10:57 pm
would i be right about that? >> you'd be correct in that, yeah. what was really so shocking, was that they could ignore all of that independent evidence outside of my testimony. >> reporter: by that she meant the recording of jason yelling, and her claim that in her diary sex meant rape. and despite what the jury thought, she has big plans. >> because of what i've gone through with my husband and the abuse that i've suffered, i am planning and working with a couple of people to start the "julie harper foundation" as a charity benefiting victims of domestic violence and their families. >> but first of all, you have to start with getting a jury to believe that you were a victim of domestic violence, and that was your problem. >> well, and that's where you go. like, the first jury did believe that. there's different people that process information, the same information, same evidence in very different ways. >> reporter: the way jason harper's friends processed it was that julie tormented a good and decent man, and then threw him under the bus to save
10:58 pm
her own skin. >> the hardest thing i think for me was the rape allegations. i just, there's just no way. no way. not harp. >> you know, harp's gone and -- you know, we miss him. and we love him. but, you know, for her to be put away, it -- it helps. it helps heal. >> reporter: and julie? on january 15th she was sentenced to 40 years to life in prison. >> and essentially, i'm 42 years old, and it's a death sentence. >> reporter: very true. which brought up a question on a lot of minds. why did you get pregnant? >> i was such a good parent, and i had that love to give to another child. and really wanted to be able to give and share that love with my daughter who i love more than anything in the world. >> reporter: her other children live with jason's parents now. the baby is with julie's father, who sent us a statement
10:59 pm
repeating julie's abuse claim and saying, "the verdict is unjust." we asked him and julie's attorney and her friends and siblings, any of them to sit with us on camera and talk about julie, if nothing else, to defend her. all declined. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: barring a successful appeal, julie harper will die behind bars, alone. that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining us. right now at 11: incredible new
11:00 pm
video streaming into the newsroom tonight. people all across the western right now at 11:00, incredible new video streaming into the newsroom. people all across the western u.s. buzzing about these amazing lights in the sky. the news at 11:00 starts right now. fwee good evening, everyone, i'm janelle wang in for jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. our phones lit up, social media lit up because the sky is lit up. did you see it from the bay area and beyond? look up in the sky. as far away as utah and idaho, across the western


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